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Our Why

We believe that every individual or company can achieve one’s full potential if missing knowledge and tools are provided.


We offer viable, creative, safe , secure , result oriented and eco-friendly evolution of the Maritime Industry.


To shape Maritime industry such a way that industry steps into Next Generation era.Firstly by correcting the needed Seafaring soft skills, secondly by technological advancements including adoption of rules for remote and autonomous ships as well as assisting in creating safe, competitive and environmentally friendly Industry.

At NexGen Maritime we understand and take note of the following

  • 85% of goods are delivered by sea and this is here to stay,
  • Future growth of Maritime is expected to be increasing more than ever,
  • Number of Middle class families to increase in emerging markets, thus increasing demand of goods,
  • Population increase will result in increased demand of goods,
  • 80% of accidents on sea are Human Errors

We understand the importance of powerful resources and interventions to bridge these gaps and rectify existing problems. At NexGen Maritime, we truly value and support the process of recruitment, keeping the company’s larger goal in mind.

At NexGen Maritime we have an understanding that every high class company starts from it’s own people working towards one goal, thus NexGen Maritime expertise incorporates:

  • Education, Training, Wellbeing, ManPower audit of people (Maritime and Renewable energy markets).
  • Individual and Business Consulting (Shipping and Port).
  • Technology (increased data exchange between ship-shore will lead to significant improvements in equipment used on board the ships and in port facilities).

Our Team

Meet our team who built NexGen Maritime

Capt. Gints Adams

A Master Mariner with an MBA in Port Management (Middlesex University UK) and MSc in Maritime ransport (Latvian Maritime Academy) Capt. Gints Adams is Instructor / Assessor in Maritime educational and training institutes. He has held Senior Management positions in several International companies-Owner and Founder of "NexGen Maritime" Ltd. (Est.2009)

Ajay Dua

The Owner & co-founder of NexGen Maritime Ltd, Ajay Dua, believes in nurturing and scaling businesses. His innate focus on growth and innovations, have enabled him to launch a multitude of entrepreneurial ventures. With an unconventional bent of mind honed with vast overseas experience, his portfolio today boasts of a diversity matching only his own foreign collaborations.


NexGen Maritime Ltd. (Est. 2009)

Krasta str. 8C Iecava, Latvia, LV-3913

Latvia: +371-20365999
India: +91-9811763393


Latvia: +371-20365999

India: +91-9811763393


Krasta iela 8C, Iecava, Latvia, LV-3913

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