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NexGen Maritime

NexGen Maritime is your ticket for a successful future in the maritime industry.



Automated ships will increase in coming time, demand for low skilled seafarers will decrease and it is predicted that this number can fall down to even 22%.

Lower and middle skilled workers will be replaced first by automation.

“NexGen Maritime” message is CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE:

“Get the TOP skills in the Industry You are in!”

During all times there was a need for highly motivated, eager to learn and qualified professionals.

You as a seafarer will be required by ship owners if You will stay focused, will be willing and ready to learn every day.

NexGen Maritime offers You a chance to become one of respected seafarers who is looking towards future with excitement and without a worry about employment possibilities.

We are excited and willing to share our best knowledge, skills and life experiences.

About Company

Did you know that 85% of the world’s products are being transported over water?

NexGen Maritime is a unique online institute in the marine landscape. that provides professional training to young students to transform them into competent and skilled merchant navy officers. Secondly, it is a forum that provides experienced Merchant navy officers with an opportunity to connect with top shipping companies all around the world. Thirdly, the academy offers online career development courses for Merchant navy officers’ professional advancement.


Helmed by professionals from the merchant navy and maritime academies, NexGen Maritime is a bridge that connects the shipping industry with the best in the industry. Its one-of-a-kind unique services are paving the way forward for professionals and shipping companies to interact, engage and benefit from each other.

An education hub people with professionals from merchant navy industry, NexGen Maritime is your ticket for a successful future in the maritime industry. It is also a supply-demand platform that has jumpstarted the career of an able officer by connecting him to the best shipping corporates in the world.


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